Monday, November 1, 2010

Lessons learned

Recently I have learned several valuable lessons.

Lesson #1: Do not think that just because you have watched the girls in the nail salon apply acrylic nails to your hands numerous times over the years in any way gives you the inheritable knowledge of how to do them yourself.

Lesson #2: Always watch the instructional video included in the acrylic nail kit PRIOR to attempting to just "wing it" and do it on your own. Refer again to lesson #1.

Lesson #3: Do not apply acrylic nails for the first time while in a hurry.

Lesson #4: Applying only the white powder to the entire nail is a bad idea as well. Use clear or pink even if your not doing the french manicure look.

Lesson #5: Fingernail polish will not make your crappy nail job look any better.

Lesson #6: Learning how to successfully remove said crappy acrylic nails takes a very long time and lots of patience.

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