Sunday, March 15, 2009

Suck It Up!

Ok, it's been a while since my last post. Obviously, as I am sure you have all discovered I'm not too good at this blog thing. It's not that I don't want to be, it's just that my procrastination gets in the way. How on earth can a girl get everything done when she waits until the last minute? Ha! Ha!

I have become addicted to a little online game on Facebook called Mousehunt. It is a game that can be played without taking up too much of your time...or so it seems in the beginning. See, the concept of the game is that all you have to do is bait your trap and press the button to go on a hunt. Sometimes a mouse will succumb to your trap, other times it won't. You can only press the button once every 15 minutes so it's not like you have to sit there and play the game constantly. Well, that's what they WANT you to believe. In reality, you discover that you can play this game all day long while still working, cleaning your house, cooking dinner, etc. but soon you find yourself living your life in 15 minute intervals. "Do I have enough time to go take a shower before I can press that button again?" "I've really got to go to the bathroom but I know that if I just wait one more minute my horn will appear again and I can press it." Pretty soon I feel as though I may start sleeping in 15 minute intervals too. LOL!

Hmmm, what else is going on in my life? Oh, I cried. Yeah, I'm not a big emotional person. I don't pour on the tears very often. I usually hold it all in and put on my big girl panties and pretend that all is good in the world...but last week I cried. It wasn't a big "boo-hoo" sobby cry but it was tears none the less. You wanna know what brought it on? I took my son to his Freshman Orientation at the high school. We went inside the gym and were instructed to find seats and wait for the presentation. We get seats at the top against the wall and all is good with the world. Then the lights go out except for a spotlight. Smoke is starting to drift across the gym floor. The cheerleaders run out with their pom poms high in the air. Then the music starts to play, it's the marching band...they begin playing the Riverdale Warriors school anthem. Everyone in the crowd starts to do the "Indian Chop" with their arm. Na...Na...Nanana....Nanana....Nanannaaaaa.... OMG! All the memories of me attending this school and now the realization that my youngest child will now be enrolled here is just too much emotion hitting me at once. I feel a tear well up in my eye. I blink. I blink again. It doesn't help. Soon both eyes are watery. I feel the wetness run down my cheek. I use my scarf and wipe my eyes. Surely no one noticed. It was dark. OMG! My baby is going to high school!!!


jan williams said...

OMG... You blink and they are grown... That is just too cool, that your boys are going to the same school you attended...Forest hill had gotton too bad by the time mine got there, but they did have some of my old teachers..

The Squared One said...

You've gots to hunt less mice and blog more posts and hang with us more!!! Duty before mice, PLEASE! LOL!!!