Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I love my life

This past weekend I had so much fun hanging with some friends and learning to play LRC. LRC stands for Left, Right, Center. It's a dice game that is very easy to play but definitely gets you laughing especially when you've had too much to drink and you can't remember which is your right or left. LOL! We didn't make it home until after 4am Friday night because we were having so much fun.

Saturday I chilled at the house with my boys. It was nice to just be home. I was able to stay in my scrapbook room all day long and just play until my heart was content. I started making a special top secret project for our new website. I almost have it finished. I can't wait to launch our debut. Shhhhh, this is all very secretive...but you know me. I can't keep a secret for too long. (hint...hint)

Sunday I woke up at 6am. Yeah, you heard me right. Me....up at 6am. Oh, I am sooooo not a morning person. It took all my strength to get my lazy butt out of the bed and into the shower. You know, I think that the hot water heater has got to be one of the greatest inventions of all time. God bless the person that came up with that idea....kudos to whomever you are! So, after my shower we get all geared up and jump on our bikes. It was only 36F degrees when we left the house. I made the mistake of not putting on my winter gloves and by the time we went 20 minutes down the road to meet up with a friend I was ever so eager to rummage through my saddle bag to find them and put them on. We then met up with about 50+ other SCRC friends and spent the entire day riding over this beautiful state of TN. It warmed up rather quickly. Before noon we were all pulling off our layers of clothing and stuffing them in our saddlebags. It ended up being a very beautiful 73F degree day. We had so much fun and didn't end up getting home until after 6pm.

Here is a layout I made of me on my bike using the current Scrapbook Obsessions kit.

Monday after work I came home, hopped on my bike, and headed out for a few hours on my own. Today the plans I had were canceled so instead I plan on spending it outside playing in the beautiful foothills of TN on my motorcycle. God I love my life!


jan williams said...

Ok now I just have to know what this top secret project is!! I am so excited for yall!!!

Oh and I love the Chicken fried song!!!!! Have you seen the video?

NancyJones said...

wish i could have seen you playin this game i bet it was tooooo funny!