Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's strange isn't it

Isn't it strange the way life seems to speed up the older you get? I'm only 34 and my days seem to vanish into weeks and the next thing I notice it is a whole month later. It's October already. Where the heck did the summer go? The weather here in TN has cooled off dramatically in the past week or so. Just this morning I actually had to turn the heat on in my car while I was taking Tanner to school. THE HEAT! Just last week it was 90F and I was riding my motorcycle in a t-shirt and blue jeans while feeling the sun on my back. This morning it was 47F and I had the dang heat on in the car. Tom is planning a bike ride for some friends of his next week and the high temps are only expected to be in the upper 70's. I'm so not looking forward to taking off at 7am in 40 something degree weather. {Sigh} I want my summer back!

I decided to decorate my house the other day with fall stuff. I figure I can't pretend it's still warm and summery so I might as well enjoy the beautiful colors of fall while I'm still indoors. I bought this cute giant looking bottle cap at Hobby Lobby. It was half off and I thought it was cute so I brought it home and hung it on a door in the hallway. Not bad for only $4.50!

Yesterday Tom and I went to Martins Greenhouse in the 'boro bought these HUGE mums for only $9 each! These suckers were in 12" pots and I haven't seen them that big for that cheap anywhere else so I snatched two of 'em up and put them in pots outside my front door. Kind 'of purdy huh?

We posted the new Scrapbook Obsessions kit picture yesterday and the addons have almost completely sold out already. I've already got plans doing something with one my favorite pictures with this kit. Doesn't Sugar look adorable? Poor thing...I better go give her a bone for being such a good sport about getting her photo taken.



jan williams said...

OH I love your big ole bottle cap!!! Bless Sugars heart, she looks so darn cute! I am going to miss summer...It has been really nice here so far, our state fair is here and it is always cool at night when it comes..LOL

iluv2scrapbook! said...

Sugar looks too darn cute! I love the bottle cap and wow, those mums are certainly pretty and what a buy!

Gaspegirl said...

Have I told you lately how much I enjoy reading your blog??? Well, I do! BTW, your puppy looks too cute!! Make it a great day Chantale...