Saturday, September 27, 2008

Insomnia, Heartburn, and Tim Holtz

What a combination, huh?! Well, when you can't sleep because you have some severe heartburn and you don't have any Rolaids, Pepto, or other anti-acid in the house you have no recourse but to go to Tim Holtz blog and try to follow his instructions to make all these tags. LOL! Honestly though, at 2am I wasn't a very good student. I didn't have most of the stuff he used so I just altered it and did it MY WAY... whatever THAT means. LOL!

This first tag was made following Tim's February Technique Challenge. I did pretty well on this one since I had the grungeboard shapes. I didn't have the crackle paint in the colors he suggested so I just painted the heart and wings with regular acrylic paint. After it dried I added Glimmer Glaze to the heart so now it's all PURDY and SHINY. LOL! For the crown I couldn't find any of my metallic paint so I just rubbed gold Stickles all over it instead. Oh, and Tim instructed me to use wire to "sew" the pieces together...well, that was just too darn hard to do. I dunno if my wire is just thicker than his wire but it was seriously ticking me off so I ditched that idea and got out some green DMC floss...worked like a charm. :)

Tim's March Technique Challenge turned out WAAAYYYY cooler than mine because I didn't have ANY of the stuff he used but I still think mine turned out pretty snazzy. You can't tell from the photo but this tag has got sooo much depth when you look at it. Since I had to go all ghetto and make up my own supply list for this one I used Glimmer Mists, a big foam flower stamp, a rubber mounted sunflower stamp, and a Prima rubon. The basic concept of this technique is that you first stamp in white paint, let dry, than apply glimmer mist. The paint acts like a resist against the glimmer mists and it looks REALLY KEWL. After the mist dries stamp a different stamp with black ink on top of the image. VIOLA! You have just created a really neat effect. I added a little Prima rubon just cause it sounded good at the time - remember, it was 2am! LOL!
I'd love to find the bird and tree stamps that Tim used in his demonstration but I'm sure that it still wouldn't compare to his masterpiece. Go look at his is so amazingly beautiful. I LOVE IT!

This next tag NO WAY even remotely resembles Tim's creation because (1) I didn't feel like making a Christmas tag, (2) I didn't have most of his supplies, and (3) REMEMBER IT WAS 2 o'clock in the morning!!!! This is my spin on Tim's 12 Tags of Christmas (tag #1). Please don't go to his site look at his tag and tell me that mine looks NOTHING like his...TRUST ME, I know this already! LOL! I was just playing with his techniques and I kind of like how mine turned out. I only have two colors of crackle paint - black & purple. I didn't feel like painting it purple so I went with black. After it was dry and crackled I went over it with white paint then wiped off the excess. I took a little bit of red ink and went around the edges too. Then I stamped the diamonds in the bottom corner with white paint and sprinkled distressing embossing powder over them before grabbing my heat gun and embossing it.

Following Tim's instructions for 12 Tags of Christmas (tag #2) I once again made nothing Christmassy or anything that even resembles Tim's demo but hey, I was having fun and by this time it was probably closer to 3am! Basically, what I did was stamp the diamonds with white paint, embossed them with rainbow sparkle embossing powder (because after searching for over 20 minutes I still couldn't find my clear embossing powder ANYWHERE!), and then here comes the REALLY KEWL part - you take your distress ink pads and rub them on a craft sheet - use lots of different colors to add to the effect, spritz them with water, then take your tag and plop it down in the wet ink. Lift it up, use your heat gun to dry it off, and VIOLA! kewl effect is now transferred to your tag! Then I stamped a Fancy Pants swirl onto the tag and finished it off with a Prima crystal flourish. After taking this photo I added a pretty blue Prima flower to the top right corner and it just really made it look all the better. IMHO

Once again, my next tag no way resembles Tim's tag that he created. I was tired, it was late...err, early and I didn't feel like sprinkling a bunch of stuff on a detailed stamped image so instead I decided to use large diamonds and use different colors of distress embossing powder on each one instead. LOL! If you have NO IDEA what I am talking about, check out Tim's 12 Tags of Christmas (tag #3). I kind of followed his instructions in the beginning. I stamped the diamonds with embossing ink, then sprinkled different colors of distress embossing powder on it before heating it with my heat gun, and then I just kind of went my own way. I inked over the entire tag and it did NOT give me the effect I was going for, but instead of tossing it I decided to just cover it up so I made a little chipboard tag the same way I made the black tag earlier (the 3rd tag image in this post), added a little flower BLING, and stapled some black cording. Definitely not one of my favorites but still kind of interesting.

And here is my final insomia, heartburn, Tim Holtz created tag. LOL! This one was made using Tim's 12 Tags of Christmas (tag #6) technique. This one remotely resembles his tag because I had the same Heidi Swapp mask (which I love to use often). This one was pretty easy. Just apply the mask to the tag, spray glimmer mist and allow to air dry - DO NOT use your heat gun or it will melt the HS mask (ask Jing-Jing, she knows all about this!!! LOL!), then repeat with other colors of glimmer mist, allowing each to dry before proceeding to the next step which is to remove your mask. Then you can ink your craft sheet and swirl your tag in it to pick up some of the ink color. Then spritz a bit of water of the entire tag, let the water droplets sit for about 10 seconds then remove them by dabbing a paper towel over it. Let it dry, distress the edges, add some embellishments, and your done.

Now I need to go get some sleep! LOL! :P



jan williams said...

Dang it Girl maybe I need to start doing my DT layouts around 2:00 A.M. cause these are Wonderful!! I have been wanting to try these too..

Marie said...

Awesome tags girl! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them all!

NancyJones said...

these are soooo coool!
Ya know I do some of my best scrappin at 2 am when I cant sleep roflmbo LOVE LOVE LOVE your tags.

Bones said...

Hey girlfriend... You're a crazy one and I just love you to death!! Lee says Hi! He keeps asking what came over you - all day - when we took that day ride... LOL

I love your posts. Love the tags you created at 2am. I don't have that creativity, but I'm getting into painting with Numb3rs. Love it and would love to get my own paint room and see what I can create on my own...

Keep up the great website... you rock!!