Saturday, September 27, 2014

Not your ordinary lunch

I spent all day yesterday shopping for my grand daughter.  Her 3rd birthday is coming up and her momma told me she had no fall/winter clothes that fit her.  Well, I decided to remedy that by buying her everything I could afford.  After raising 3 boys, buying little girls clothing is actually a fun activity that involves a lot of "ooooh'ing" and "awwww'ing"... even when you are by yourself.  Needless to say I enjoyed spending my husbands hard earned money on tiny pink articles of material.

After buying out the store (haha) I realized that all that shopping had made me hungry.  I drove to Chic-Fil-A and ordered my usual meal.  It was such a beautiful day I thought it would be ideal to eat my lunch at the park instead of alone in the restaurant or by myself in my car. The short drive to the park was pleasant and only took a few minutes.  I resisted eating my freshly cooked waffle fries until I arrived at my destination.  Ok, truthfully I didn't fully resist but I did half heartedly try. I only had one or five.  When I arrived at the park I found the only open parking spot and wouldn't you know it, it's shaded.  I smiled because that was just the kind of day I was having, a good one.  I pulled into the spot, rolled down my windows and took in a deep breath of fresh air.  It was such a beautiful day.

I reached into my bag and stuffed a waffle fry in my mouth as I looked up to see the beauty of the creek before me.  I heard an out of place muffled noise and when I looked to my right to see what it was I realized the guy in a small green truck next to me also had his window down and he was apparently having a better lunch than I was.  All I could see was a head of dark brown hair bobbing up and down in Mr Green Trucks lap. 
Was I seeing what I thought I was seeing? 
No, surely not.  Not in the middle of the day at the park.
At this moment I realized that I was staring because the bobbing dark brown head of hair now had a brown eyeball that was now looking at me.
My mouth was obviously gaping open because my waffle fry fell out of my mouth and laded on my lap.  I quickly put my car in reverse and backed out of the parking spot.  Oddly enough, in my haste I nearly hit a school bus that was parked nearby.


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