Tuesday, March 2, 2010


It's been a while. Have you missed me?

You know what I was thinking about today? Swirly's. You know, when a bigger kid takes a smaller kid and flushes his head in a toliet. Yeah, that's a swirly.

You know what else I was thinking about today? That I'm not a good blogger. I remember an old saying "Good girls keep diaries. Bad girls don't have the time." Now, I'm not calling myself bad but I definitely don't have the time.

My lack of time is due to my inability to turn down a challenge. I have taken it upon myself to redesign my website (that I poorly designed years ago) and wow, has that been a major undertaking. I had no idea that I would have done as much as I have. I have taught myself how to code html and css. I learned how to use javascript to make my site interactive with galleries and chat areas. Oh, and now I'm learning how to use MySQL to design an entire user friendly shopping cart program. Not just download a program, I am creating the programs (with help from others). It's fascinating. I love doing it. I just wish I already knew it all so I wouldn't have to keep going back and fixing mistakes that I didn't realize I was making. But, I guess that's part of learning.

I have also taken on a VERY big project at work. I am excited as to where this may take me and I have been working diligently to getting it off the ground. I can only hope and pray that it pans out for me because if it does, wow. That's all I'm gonna say.

My life is like a whirlwind right now. I am being pulled in so many different directions at one time and I am doing my best to keep up with all of them. I'm not complaining though. I enjoy my brain working in constant overdrive. It lets me know that I'm still alive and not merely existing. Although, it does kind of feel like God is the one giving me a swirly right now...but if He is, than I guess I deserved it.

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meegoh said...

nice post.. keep on learning.... it's fun.

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