Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Life in the Fast Lane received another award!

Don't worry...I won't make another video acceptance speech this time. LOL!

I have received the Kreative Blogger award and with this award comes rules that I must follow. Hmmm, kind of reminds me of the Spiderman movie when they said "With great power comes great responsibility" or something like that. LOL!

The Rules.... list 6 things that make you happy then pass this award on to 6 people to make them happy!!!

6 Things that make me happy:
1. My husband - Tom is the love of my life and I can't imagine what my life would be like without him. He is my rock.
2. My boys - Codey and Tanner are AWESOME kids! I guess God knew I couldn't handle anything less... LOL!
3. A HOT Shower - Oh, I can't even begin to tell you just how much I enjoy a nice, hot, shower. I swear, a hot water heater is probably the best invention...EVER!!!
4. Riding a motorcycle - The sound of the motor growling when you accelerate makes you feel powerful, the feeling of the wind pressing against your body makes you feel virtually weightless almost as though you were flying, just being open and exposed to the world surrounding you gives you this feeling of ultimate FREEDOM...it's AMAZING!
5. My family - My parents deserve a medal for all the things I put them through during my teenage years. LOL! And my two sisters are still my best friends.
6. My life - If I were to die today I would die completely fulfilled and content. I love my life!

I'm passing this award on to these awesome bloggers:
1. Nancy of That's Nancy with a Jones
2. Lynnise of Shades of Bleu
3. Jing Jing of This Little Art of Mine
4. Jan of Scrap my World
5. Michelle of Acknowledge and Move On
6. Carole of 3 Dimensional Me


NancyJones said...

WHAT? NO ACCEPTANCE SPEECH? I FEEL JIPPED bwahahahahahaa! Thank you thank you for the passing on of the award though. I will handle it with care! Too bad you already gave it to half the folks I was gonna give it to though!!

jan williams said...

Thank you so much!!! I have never received an award before!!! This ROCKS!!!!

Michelle Granger said...

Thanks! I have never received an award either, looking forward to paying it forward.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much it is lovely to receive this award.

have a wonderful day.

Carole xx