Friday, September 5, 2008

Oh, Good Lord! Here I go again!

I like to consider myself computer "savvy". I mean, I can code html, css, java, etc so I think that means I have at least a step up above the basic knowledge of computers. I only tell you this so you will commiserate with me on my numerous failed attempts to upload a friggn video to You Tube. Can it really be that hard? Why, oh, why won't my video load? We've all seen You Tube. There are literally 100's of thousands of stupid videos that I am sure where not only created by but also uploaded while the user was surely under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. But, alas, here I am, sober, and the inability to upload my video has left me feeling like a total loser! I've followed the instructions, I get to the upload screen, I find my file and press upload and then.....NOTHING HAPPENS!!! I'm pretty sure that my video file is simply just too large but since I am so new at this whole digital video thing the ability to edit my video has completely eluded me. {sigh}

After I typed this initial message I realized that I had failed to utilize the most common "problem solver" known to man....Google! LOL! So, I type in "how to edit a digital video" in my google browser and all these things pop up about Windows Movie Maker. I click on one, then another, than another and finally find a link with a Free Download. Well, before I download I decide to check to see if it is already on my computer and wouldn't you was! Ok, I've had this computer for oh, I don't know, at LEAST two years and this is the first I have ever heard of or seen anything about a friggin Movie Maker. LOL! OMG, talk about feeling like a total LOSER! Well, now that the Forest Gump part of me has eaten that whole box of chocolates that life is supposedly resembled to, I have finally created my video with the help of Google, Windows Movie Maker, and You Tube. Dang! Who would have thought it would have taken me this long...ok, you, in the t-shirt that is nodding your head like you KNEW all along what I needed to do but instead of feeling empathy for my failed attempts you sat there smugly and read about my misery and enjoyed my, I BANASH from my blog...POOF! No more blog for you! Kind of like the soup Nazi but instead I'm the blog Nazi. LOL!

Here it is: my 1st video ever created and I'm sharing it with y'all first. Turn the music off at the bottom of my blog before starting or you will hear two different songs playing at once.
Yes, I'm southern and I REALLY do say that all the time. ;) Ok, so the video had to be edited because it was just too long in length so I just took a few minutes off the front and a few off the end and added some music and a title and end credits. It's me, on my bike riding Deals Gap - 318 curves in 11 miles. Sorry for the glare on my windshield.

And here is one of the scrapbook layouts that I made from this trip. I used the Scrapbook Obsessions July kit to create it. I made it right after we got back from our trip. There were people hiding in the trees taking your picture as you rode by. That's where the pictures of me riding my bike came from. Pretty KEWL huh?

Wow! I have really gotten bitten by this blogging bug. I have tons of stuff to show anyone that is interested in seeing it. If you are reading this blog PLEASE leave me a comment just so I'll know if you find my content lame or not. But then again, if you call me lame, I will have to banish you too! LOL!

Later Taters!


Gaspegirl said...

Well Ms. Blog Natzi I loved the video - you make me want to ride! It seemed like a bikers paradise!! Great layout too - how nice to have such great photos of yourself on the bike!!

Aubree said...

so cool!!

The Squared One said...

Chantele, this is quite amazing. You are actually blogging! versus what I'm doing, which is having a place to put my scrapbooking pages for all to see instead of a gallery. You talk about your life, your feelings, include pictures, videos etc, that's like really blogging!!! awesome!!

jan williams said...

That video is awesome!!! I agree, that make me want to ride!!!!

michelle said...

Fabulous, Chantele! Layouts, journaling, videos, pictures.. you got it all, baby!

Patti Smith said...

love the video and also the layout and as all my peeps before me have side it is an AWESOME blog....